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THC E-Liquid

What is Liquid THC?

What exactly makes Liquid-infused with THC that much different from other alternative concentrates is the difference between a non-psychoactive and a psychoactive mind alternating content.

Old-fashioned concentrates including alkaline oil along with shatter, usually carry somewhere between 50%-70% THC. Now Liquid THC on the other hand has been tested and the latest Lab results resulted in 90% THC content.

Among many other active compounds found in the marijuana plant including one of the most important well-studied compounds, cannabidiol (CBD). THC has been the purest and has been said to be the best variety out in the cannabis industry.

The 80 additional compounds found in the marijuana plant have their unique role to play. Although THC still acts as the primary compound in various medical marijuana strains, some would consider having the additional compounds found in the natural plant to be pleasant.

For the many that have determined THC be a must have as it has many useful elements, being able to consume the Liquid form would be considered to be an excellent way to encounter its isolated effects.

Smoking Marijuana vs Vaporizing Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana Vs. Vaporizing Marijuana, when it comes to how you would like to utilize marijuana, the choices people have nowadays are plentiful. Everyone loves rolling a good old fashion joint. Besides enjoying a well-rolled joint, there is a range of many different assorted hand pipes and glass bongs anyone could easily obtain.

Of course, never forget how creative one can be when utilizing marijuana. Marijuana could be incorporated into various foods and drinks.

Topicals and tinctures would be considered a favorite amongst medicinal users as well. Although, many docs would recommend vaporizing cannabis to be the ideal technique. In many countries, where marijuana is considered legal, vaporizers may be found in senior homes even hospitals. Provided below is a list of reasons why vaporizers have become such a widespread among doctors and patients.

Lung Health Smoking Marijuana Vs. Vaporizing Marijuana

The strongest argument is probably vaporizing on the lungs. Various doctors have been careful regarding the use of marijuana used as a prescription drug due to the risks of anything being smoked and inhaled into your respiratory system.

While it has not been proven that smoking marijuana could potentially cause cancer, the combustion of cannabis has been shown to produce many known carcinogens and tar, which could easily irritate the lungs and end up into bronchitis. Many have said Vaporizers to be the one thing designed to beat the issue.

By allowing the marijuana to heat at a low temperature, the device used will then produce an inhalable vapor that carries the ingredients in the marijuana plant referred to as (cannabinoids), not including one thing, the harmful by-products. Being able to vaporize the cannabis has claimed to get rid of almost 95% of the extra inhaled.

Vaporizing marijuana instead of utilizing the good old fashion joint has been known to shield the lungs from irritation. Analysis conjointly recommends that a shift to a vaporizer could potentially reverse the symptoms caused by the traditional intake of cannabis.

Dosing Requirements

Along with many other benefits of vaporizing would be being able to change the plant matter into an active compound. A recent study conducted in the California area found that vaporizing could potentially convert 47% of the available THC into vapor, unlike a typical marijuana joint regenerates only 24% THC.

Many patients utilizing a vaporizer have noticed it be the most efficient method of intaking marijuana - requiring a lower dose than smoking a joint, eating edibles, and drinking  tea.

Side Effects Smoking Marijuana Vs. Vaporizing Marijuana

In many patient studies results, vaporizers have proved to be known as having the highest side effect satisfaction one craves. Along with patients being able to feel useful once vaporizing the plant matter. Vaporizing the plant matter has been said to have a clearer headed high due to the shortage of smoke inhaled.

Using a vaporizer for Cannabis to inhale only requires short and shallow puffs where if you were utilizing a different smoking device it could require you to take deeper and bigger breaths which we know could be uncomfortable for those beginners. Although the preference always varies depending on the user. Vaporizers might not be the number one option for everyone. Doing some research along with speaking to someone well knowledge about utilizing vapors could always save you some time.


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