Cannabis Vape Juice

Cannabis Vape JuiceWhen you’re looking for a safe, legal, and convenient substitute to marijuana, you may want to consider cannabis vape juice.
At CBD Genesis, we offer a variety of products that provide you with similar effects to smoking marijuana.
 All of our products contain CBD, which is obtained from hemp plants, so it provides many of the same benefits. Yet, it is a legal alternative that can be used throughout the United States.
What’s more, CBD liquid can be used in vape pens and e cigarettes, which means it can easily be vaped in many public areas where cigarette smoking is not allowed.
Choosing Vape Liquids
Vape liquids come in a variety of flavors, and can be used alone or mixed with cannabis vape juice.
One of the main benefits of using CBD liquid is control. Because our liquids are available in different strengths and concentrations, you can decide which is best suited for you and purchase the product that fits your needs.
For instance, you can opt for a low concentration if you’re new to vaping, or if you simply want to give CBD a try as opposed to other forms of vape liquids.
If you’re an experienced vaper, CBD Genesis has you covered with a range of stronger concentrations, which are readily available on our convenient virtual shop.
CBD Drops
CBD drops offer a more economical way to use cannabis vape juice. You can add drops into your favorite vape liquid to receive an enhanced effect in terms of flavor and vaping experience.
Adding just a drop or two will convert your current mix into one that has a more calming effect, comparable to smoking marijuana.
When you use CBD drops and other liquids from CBD Genesis you’ll find that they give you a very smooth, relaxing feeling, while also being non-hallucinogenic.
Because they are virtually undetectable in vape mixtures, our liquids can be used anywhere your standard e cigarette or vape pen can be used.
Vape Devices
CBD Genesis sells a vast array of products, including vaping devices that are specifically designed for use with cannabis vape juice. Our vape pen kits are the best value, as they include everything that you need to get started.
No matter how you choose to vape with us, you can rest assured knowing every one of our vaping devices are high quality, made by the best brands in the industry, and offer extreme ease of use.
With that said, our vape pen sets offer more flexibility than e cigarettes, as they can be used with a wider range of products. Some sets even come complete with vape cartridges that are filled with various types of CBD liquids.
CBD Genesis offers a full line of CBD products including many types of vape juices and devices. Our products are all high quality and are properly packaged for your convenience.
If you’re unsure about what CBD product is right for you, you can always contact our customer support, who are ready to assist with any questions you may have. Cannabis Vape Juice