Edible Weed

Edible WeedFor some, smoking marijuana in order to reap the benefits of THC is out of the question due to the ill health effects associated with it.
Thankfully, edible weed — such as the products we sell at CBD Genesis — presents a much more suitable option. Because CBD is an edible product that provides the same benefits as THC, it can be the ideal way for non-smokers to enjoy the relaxing effects of this magnificent cannabinoid.
Pharmaceutical grade CBD is manufactured specifically for internal use, and is safe when used correctly, in accordance with package directions.
What’s more, edible weed products are an easy and convenient option, especially for discreet use. Here are just some of our most popular CBD edible options to choose from:
If gummy treats were your favorite candy when you were young, then you’ll love our edible weed gummies, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes — including bears, worms and simple cubes.
Gummies make it easy to get the exact dosage of CBD that you need for optimal results. In fact, each gummy is infused with one dosage of CBD so you can easily get the exact amount you prefer.
Keep in mind that it’s best to start with the lowest dosage possible in order for you to properly gauge the results.
When you enjoy the ability to ingest CBD in a fun and convenient way, lollipops are the ideal choice.
Some of our customers don’t prefer the consistency or feel of gummies. Thankfully, all of our lollipops are just as delicious and contain the same amount of CBD content.
Another choice for those who love throwback candy is our sour pixes, which are small tubes of sugary, sour flavor that you simply open and pour into your mouth.
Chill Gummies
Chill gummies are, by far, the most popular choices we have available for edible weed and are available in many options including sour faces, gummy bears, gummy worms, and sour snakes.
With chill gummies, you get a range of innovative and tasty flavors such as choco peanut butter and choco nuts.
These treats contain approximately 7 pieces per package, however, the recommended dosage is no more than 1 to 2 gummies per hour, as the effects can be quite strong, especially for those just being introduced to edible weed products.
When enjoying edible products such as these you should also do so with care. It’s important to note that while ingesting THC products will give you the same effects as in other forms, the reaction may last longer.
Because it can take up to a few hours to begin noticing the effects of CBD edibles, it is best to evaluate your reaction to the products before consuming more of them.
CBD Genesis offers a wide range of products to suit your needs, including both liquid and edible forms. Our user-friendly online shop allows you to easily choose the products that are best for you.
Start by browsing our entire selection today and see for yourself why CBD Genesis is the only online shop that provides the most quality CBD products on the market.