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Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple (Indica)

p1011602Grand Daddy Purple, a great Indica strain and is possibly the most recognized cannabis strain due to its dark purple color. A dense flower with highly concentrated form and a spectacular display with a variation of colored leaves through maturation. The flowers produce an adamant aroma that could potentially leave the entire room smelling much like the strain.

Founded in 2003 Grand Daddy Purple was and is still one of the most liked Indica cross connecting Purple Urkle along with Big Bud. This strain contains a lot of what people are looking for which is a unique flavor, a sweet aroma. Needless to say Purple Urkle contains both. Let’s  us not forget the fat nugs Purple Urkle tends to cultivate, with a super dense structure. Grand Daddy plants love to bloom in various shades of the color purple with the buds glossing in beautiful crystal trichomes.


Granddaddy Purple Smoking Effects
With the heredity, GDP has there is no surprise as to how efficient its specs are. The THC levels seem to fall in the higher range varying from 16-22% many researchers believe it is due to the cannabinoids linked to many modern strains. GDP has a handful of useful content like cannabigerol which helps with stem cell growth and vital sign a strain must have, and that is the therapeutic effect.

Its vigorous psychoactive results are very much noticeable in the body and mind, giving off the uplifting effects along with real rest. While the outcomes of this marvelous plant give you that nice relaxing floating on a cloud feeling, be advised your body may want to stay in one spot for the rest of your ride. That is the Grand Daddy effects.


Grandaddy Beneficial Uses
Most users tend to utilize the strain at night due to the effects it immediately brings to the body, relaxing both the body and mind. Patients use and benefit from this particular strain to help pain control. GDP can be useful in many ways, helping patients with sleep disorders and anxiety. We would recommend those beginning to start with a hit and wait a few minutes.



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