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Jack Herer

Jack Herer (Sativa)
Jjackhererack Herer an amazing sequence of two popular strains, them being Shiva
Skunk along with Northern Lights #5. The delightful Sativa hybrid could not have been a better pick. While it contains a combination of indica, the strain has an overall Sativa effect.

Jack Herer Smoking Effects
Jack Herer a Sativa dominant strain that has gotten much fame due to the frosty buds it produces along with the sweet piney aroma it gives off. Made up of two different favorites we are sure you are aware of, those strains being Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. These two incredible strains produced and achieved the known Jack Herer, known to give you an uplifting effect as well as a hint of an Indica feel.

jack-heIts rich hereditary background provides an addition to several distinct variations of Jack Herer, each genetic having its individual features and results. However, users usually explain this Sativa hybrid as this pleasant and very much creative feeling.


Jack Herer grown in the mid-1900’s where researchers, later on, discovered the medicinal benefits the strain contained. Ever since then the particular strain has made its home in various countries due to its potency and variation of effects it has on people. Many growers have tried cultivating this strain in hot, warm sunny climates, many grown indoors for Jack Herer to bloom.


Jack Herer Beneficial Uses
Jack Herer medicinal cannabis packs a serious hit regarding the smell, taste, look and particularly highness. Your brain will shiver with uplifting delight after you have a little Jack Herer Strain. It’s especially useful as a medicinal remedy for conditions like anxiousness and nervousness. Feeling overstressed today? Then Jack Herer weed is what you need.

badge-2You’ll begin to feel the effects this strain contains shortly after taking your first hit. Jack Herer a fame for bringing on an instantaneous “high.” If there is something that needs to get done quickly, Jack Herer is the right strain to help you focus and gain a little strength to help you get the job done.

The heavy indica effects give you a quality organic compound production. Jack Herer is unquestionably a mind-blowing flower. The two strain combined to grow this Sativa provide you with a mild body high as well.












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