Liquid Cannabis

Liquid CannabisVaping offers the ideal alternative to smoking, and can be beneficial in terms of avoiding the possible negative side effects that come with inhaling smoke.
At CBD Genesis, we offer a variety of liquids for vape pens and e cigarettes in a number of different mixtures and flavors, in order to meet everyone’s personal taste and preferences.
Of the many options available, liquid cannabis is one that many of our customers gravitate toward, due to the calming effects it can provide.
All of our liquid cannabis products are infused with CBD, which derives from industrial hemp plants, and produces effects very similar to that of smoking marijuana.
For all of your CBD vaping and liquid needs, CBD Genesis is your go-to source. We provide everything from vape liquids and cartridges to oils and vape pens, from only the most trusted brands in the industry.
Choosing CBD Products
When visiting our user-friendly online shop, you’ll notice there are many different choices in terms of CBD products.
Among the most popular products we offer are our liquid CBD products — which are comparable to liquid cannabis — and our syrups, which contain CBD and other ingredients to provide you with a relaxing, euphoric feeling.
In addition to the incredible effects these products offer, they are completely legal to obtain and use, meaning you don’t need a medical card and never have to worry about any negative side effects.
Beyond our liquids and syrups, we also offer CBD tinctures, which are perfect for use in your vape pen or e cigarette.
By shopping with CBD Genesis, you’ll find many different flavors and CBD concentration levels to choose from; all providing varying levels of calming effects.
Products for Topical Use
CBD Genesis offers a range of items that can be used topically, including our CBD pain cream, which is intended specifically to help alleviate pain and can be applied directly to the affected areas of the body.
While relieving regular bumps and bruises is one of the most common uses, topical CBD has many additional purposes as well.  For instance, it can be used as a non-toxic pain reliever for arthritis.
Our topical CBD products are safe for most parts of the body, however, you should pay attention to product packaging to ensure the proper use.
For many, topical CBD is the ideal alternative to pain medication, as it produces similar results without the need for a prescription. Visit our online shop to view our entire selection of topical products.
Liquids for Pets
While it may be seen as a bit unorthodox, one of the most popular products we offer is our liquid cannabis for pets.
This formula is specifically created to provide your furry friend with relief from pain and has been found particularly helpful for pets who are suffering from painful disorders, such as hip or joint problems.
CBD has been proven to reduce inflation in the joints, a major problem for most older cats and dogs, which is why it’s such an ideal method to use when it comes to soothing your pet’s pain.
CBD may also help relieve some of the discomfort that comes from a large variety of illnesses or diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, spasms, and anxiety.
For some pets, anxiety can be relieved quickly and easily through the use of liquid CBD.