Marijuana Vape Juice

Marijuana Vape JuiceFor many, vaping can offer a safe, legal, and convenient alternative to smoking other substances, such as nicotine and marijuana.
If this is the case, CBD liquids from CBD Genesis are the only way to go. We offer a wide variety of marijuana vape juice and liquids, to meet your specific needs and preferences.
Each of our products contains CBD, which is a substance that produces benefits comparable to those obtained from marijuana or THC.
This is why our vape liquids are so popular, as vaping with these products can provide you with the same relaxing and enjoyable results of smoking marijuana.
Vape liquids come in a selection of different flavors and in varying concentrations, and our online shop makes it extremely simple to choose the type that best suit your needs.
Liquid Tinctures and Drops
Marijuana vape juice can be purchased on our online shop in the form of CBD tinctures, drops, and liquids.
Our CBD products contain a substance that is made from industrial hemp plants, is deemed safe and effective, and can be utilized in a number of different ways.
For example, liquids can be used in vape pens or e cigarettes. You can even add drops or tinctures to your own preferred liquid to achieve an enhanced effect.
In addition to our vape juices, we also offer edible liquids that can be used orally. These products are typically placed under the tongue, and provide an effect comparable to smoking marijuana.
CBD Genesis Vape
CBD Genesis provides a broad selection of vape products. With that said, some of our most popular items include varying levels of concentration to fit everyone’s preferences.
These range from 100 MG per 30 ML all the way up to a tincture that contains 2000 MG per 30 ML. These choices allow customers to purchase marijuana vape juice that is best for their particular needs.
CBD drips are also a popular item among our customers, as they are easy to use with your own vape liquid.
You can simply add just a drop or two to your vape liquid, in order to achieve optimal results. Drips are also available in different strengths so you can opt for one that best suits your needs.
E liquid Products
E liquids are designed for use with electronic cigarettes or vape pens, and give you the ability to vape your favorite blend without the need to smoke.
Vaping is a much safer and more accepted alternative to smoking. As such, many public areas allow vaping where traditional smoking is prohibited.
Blends and vape juice come in different flavors and the vapor they produce is known to dissipate into the air much more readily than smoke.
When choosing liquid products for your e cigarette or vape pen look to CBD Genesis. We offer a massive supply of high quality items that are perfect for those who are new to vaping as well as for those who are experienced.
Contact us via online chat for any questions that you may have, or browse our entire selection of CBD products on our user-friendly online shop today.