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A Complete Guide to Empire Wellness CBD

If you’re looking for specific CBD treatment, then Empire Extracts may be just right for you. Instead of just producing the same old CBD products, they have developed CBD solutions involving terpenes, in order to amplify the effects of the CBD.

CBD is a fantastic alternative to mainstream prescription drugs which have failed patients for too long. Too often are they riddled with unwanted and even dangerous side effects, as well as being addictive. Contrastingly, Empire Wellness treatment is much kinder on your body, thanks to the organic ingredients used which have been carefully selected.

Empire Wellness has got ahead of the game with their CBD products. Not only are they far better than over-the-counter or prescription drugs, but they’re better than typical CBD medication too. This is because it’s not just the CBD that has medical properties, but the terpenes in the marijuana plant too. Empire Wellness have gone further than anyone else in harnessing the plant’s full potential.

Understanding what CBD is

To fully understand how you could benefit from Empire Wellness, it’s key that you get to grips with CBD first. A cannabinoid present in marijuana and industrial hemp, CBD is one of the key substances which give cannabis its medical properties.

THC is another well-known cannabinoid in cannabis, but it’s faced a struggled to be accepted as alternative medicine due to the psychoactive side effects. However, CBD is non-psychoactive, so when it’s isolated from the rest of the marijuana plant, it can be sold with none of the restrictions that marijuana faces as a Schedule I drug.

Why terpenes present in Empire Wellness products are vital

Scientists have found out plenty about cannabis over the past couple of decades as it has become easier to conduct research. They have discovered that as well as cannabinoids, terpenes also play a crucial role in the plant and in the body when ingested. Terpenes are the substances which contribute to the famed whole-plant medicine “entourage effect”. The theory is that cannabis is more effective when working as an entire plant than if certain parts (such as CBD) are isolated.

Hence, because Empire Wellness products include terpenes, they are more powerful than regular CBD isolate products. Terpenes and terpenoids are also renowned for giving marijuana its pungent smell. Different terpenes make different smells.

Do I need to be prescribed Empire Wellness CBD?

No. As Empire Wellness CBD isn’t psychoactive there are no restrictions on whether you can buy or how much you can buy. Furthermore, CBD is non-addictive and you can’t overdose on it, so you can take as much as you want whenever you want. If you do have any doubts about CBD or concerns with mixing it with other medication, then do consult a medical professional for advice.

Will I fail a drugs test if I take Empire Wellness CBD?

Good news. Empire Wellness CBD products put you at no risk of failing a drugs test, thanks to there being no THC present. You do have to be slightly careful, however, if you consume high dosages of CBD, because this may show up on a test. But even in that worst case scenario, the absence of THC in your system will put you in the clear.

What should my Empire Wellness CBD dosage be?

Since you can’t overdose on CBD, you can theoretically take as much as you want, but the amount you need will be determined on your ailment. If you haven’t taken Empire Wellness CBD before, then start off with small dosages and steadily increase it over time. Starting off, a 50mg dosage should suffice but it’s not uncommon to take 250mg dosages or even more.

What Empire Wellness products are there?

Empire Wellness has dabbled with many types of CBD products, from crystals to gummies. They also stock specific terpenes that contain no CBD at all.

Empire Wellness’ CBD gummies contain both CBD and terpenes and these full-spectrum gummies are particularly effective. After taking the gummies, the effects will take hold after 45 minutes or so and last for several hours. The slow and steady release is popular with those in consistent pain, and the gummy form is liked for its discreetness.

Increasingly, people are turning toward CBD crystal products and Empire Wellness has the bases covered. Their crystal isolate is noted for its stunning purity, boasting 99 percent pure CBD. CBD crystals are very versatile and can be taken directly by dabbing, or added as a baking ingredient.

A brief guide to Empire Wellness terpenes

Empire Wellness sells all sorts of terpene products, all of which have quirky names. These terpenes are vaped and designed to have very specific effects. Here are a few examples:

Jack Herer: unlike most terpenes, Jack Herer doesn’t come with a distinct smell but it’s still mightily effective. Like cannabis sativa, Jack Herer terpenes are useful in giving you a creative burst.

Super Lemon Haze: this product is great at enhancing mood and has a wonderfully zesty lemony flavor, as the name gives away. Citrus is an ever-popular flavor among vapers, making this one of Empire Wellness’ best-selling terpenes.

Pineapple Express: continuing the fruity theme, Pineapple Express is really tasty and a product you could happily vape throughout the day. It’s noted for its physical and mental healing properties.


Whatever CBD or terpenes treatment you’re seeking, Empire Wellness will be able to benefit you. The gummies and crystals are up there with the best that you can buy, and the specific terpene products that they stock prove that marijuana’s medical traits go way beyond CBD and THC.

Moreover, Empire Wellness CBD is totally safe and legal. You can buy their products in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Like what you’ve seen about Empire Wellness CBD? Hopefully you’re now better informed and are now ready to dump the old, failing prescription drugs and ready to make the change to healthier and more effective forms of treatment.