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Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze (Sativa)
Super Silver Haze one of the many that have won the Cannabis Cup in the year 1997 as well as winning in 1999. It not only stops there the strain received an award at High Times Festival. By combining the heredity of Skunk and Northern Lights a top well presented with a heavenly long lasting body “high.” The cerebral uplifting strain helps those undergoing high levels stress and helps with those that suffer from nausea.


Super Silver Haze Smoking Effects
Super Silver Haze provides users with more of a body high though it is a Sativa. The effects of smoking Super Silver Haze are very delightful some people have said to feel more energetic and clear-headed. Others have told me to feel sleepy. This strain tends to affect everyone different. You have a little of both indica and Sativa which tends to last longer.

The sweet, piney aromas and fruity undertones additionally give you with a pleasant sense of well-being as you smoke. There’s an almost perfect feeling of enjoyment that you just get when smoking Super Silver Haze.


Plant Features
Super Silver Haze strain is right in its name. The strain seeds tend to create plants covered in silver THC trichomes that are beautiful buds that attract many of its users. The buds are dense and gluey and therefore the THC level is steady around 20%. The plants will be a little difficult to work with but if you have the tolerance to take care of your plants then it’s worth the while.


Super Silver Haze Beneficial Uses
The cerebral effect most people have said to have is ideal for a variety of therapeutic ailments. The strain has been noted to help all from stress to muscle pains. The long lasting effects conjointly enable you to attain relief longer than usual due to the cannabinoids all working together. If you happen to be someone who suffers from severe pain, this may be the right strain for you to help ease the day.

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