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THC and Epilepsy

THC and Epilepsy

Data has proven lab examinations, reports along with clinical data from ages ago hints cannabidiol the non-psychoactive part found in the marijuana plant could help patients suffering from a seizure. There happen to be contradicting data reports in the research found regarding cannabis. Although, there has not been definite proof on how effective marijuana could potentially help patients with epilepsy. So far, tested examined studies have not shown conclusive evidence of how useful marijuana could be in epilepsy. In the 48 patients analyzed to contain substantial reports, no side effects were being noted.

laserablationThe research done on children with unmanageable epilepsy who decided to give cannabis a try, the ratios given to these children usually contained cannabidiol much higher than THC. The patients used for this research noticed a drastic improvement in seizure recurrence.


The research that was done on 213 patients in 2015 were outstanding. The data pulled from 137 patients that finished the 12-week process using the THC oil extracted from the marijuana plant noticed how effective the drug was.

  • Seizures reduced with an average of 53% in 137 patients who achieved the 12 week process on THC oil.
  • People who had down syndrome reacted a little more efficiently with a rate of 63% reduction in seizures in a period of 3 months.
  • The change in seizures continued through a period of 24 weeks on the THC oil, more patients with down syndrome were using it.
  • The 27 patients with severe seizures diminished by 66%.
  • The fraction of patients who noticed a drastic change in seizures was seen to change much more in patients with down syndrome compared to patients who did not have down syndrome which was 50%.

webmd_rm_photo_of_epilepsy_illustrationEpilepsy one of the many illnesses out in the world. Epilepsy has affected around 30 million people worldwide. It is distinguished as a repetitive cycle of sudden attacks and convulsions. A seizure is known as a large group brain cells. There are many cases where individuals have reported that cannabis was able to control their seizures. There has been no data showing marijuana worsening seizures.

21% of the patients using marijuana withing the past year have noticed a how useful and beneficial marijuana has been, controlling the effects of seizures. 24% believe cannabis is and could be a very useful therapy for others.

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