Thc Edibles

Thc EdiblesIf you’re looking for a safe and effective way to receive the benefits of CBD without smoking, edibles can be the ideal choice.
At CBD Genesis, our edible products contain just the right amount of CBD to provide you with optimal results. We offer several ways to ingest CBD through delicious pre-made candies.
Our THC edibles come in a variety of different flavors and shapes, and are infused with the correct dosage of cannabidiol. Here are just some of our most popular CBD candies:
Gummy Bears and Frogs
Gummies are among the most popular of the edibles we offer, due to the fact that they are simple to take and can conveniently be taken with you wherever you go.
Our gummies come in a variety of shapes, such as bears, frogs, and worms and a range of flavors including sour choices. With such a vast amount of choices, you’re sure to find the gummy flavor that is ideal for you.
Pops and Pixes
If gummies are not the texture you prefer, CBD has other options for you to enjoy. Our selection of THC edibles includes lollipops and pixes.
Of both of these products, our lollipops are the most convenient to use, as they can be enjoyed anywhere. These treats look just like your average lolipop, so no one will be able to tell the difference, allowing you to enjoy the effects of THC edibles worry-free.
Our lolipops are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a fast, easy edible CBD product, and are available in a variety of fruit flavors, including black cherry, honey lemon, green apple, blue raspberry, and grap.
For those that want something a bit more unique and fun to eat, our sour pixes are the perfect choice. These treats are small straws that contain a powder form of edible CBD.
Simply pop the contents of these pixes into your mouth, and you’ll be enjoying the relaxing effects you would expect from your typical THC edibles.
Other Edibles
Beyond our gummies, pops, and pixes, there are other ways to enjoy and relax with THC edibles from CBD Genesis.
For instance, CBD Fuzeberries are a delectable treat that use cannafuse as a main ingredient. Cannafuse is a hemp essential oil complex that contains CBD and botanicals.
These chews also contain important probiotics to improve immunity and digestive health, and are available in two different flavors including acai-blueberry and tayberry.
We also offer CBD fusion water, which was invented by physicians to combine a nutritious way to provide both hydration and CBD.
Known as a cutting edge product that allows you to drink your CBD, our fusion water provides the health benefits of h20 combined with the additional value of CBD. Best of all, fusion water allows you to get your CBD intake anywhere, even when you’re on the go.
If you want the benefits of CBD or cannabis, consider the many choices of THC edibles at CBD Genesis. We offer a wide array of products that are both safe and non-toxic, and come prepackaged in appropriately sized portions.
When you use ingestible CBD you’ll find that it may take longer to achieve the benefits than it would when you smoke. You’ll also find that the results will last for a much longer period of time as well.
Choose from our many delicious products at CBD Genesis – place your order by visiting our user friendly online shop today.
  Thc Edibles