Weed Edibles

Weed EdiblesCannabidiol (CBD) edibles provide a safe and easy method of consumption and are especially desirable for anyone who does not tolerate smoke.
CBD Genesis is your go-to source for high quality, great tasting weed edibles. We offer the widest range of options to suit everyone’s tastes, including lollipops, sour candies, and gummies.
Not only do our edible products provide you with a convenient, smoke-free way to reap the benefits of CBD, but they come in a variety of delicious flavors to ensure your satisfaction.
About Edible Products
As you may already know, ingesting weed edibles to feel the effects of CBD and THC is slightly different than smoking marijuana.
For example, smoking marijuana will usually produce an immediate result for most. However, the effects will generally dissipate within an hour or two.
On the other hand, with weed edibles, you may not notice the effects for about an hour or more. With that said, once the effects begin to kick in, you will be able to enjoy them for a significantly longer period of time.
While weed edibles can be a fantastic way to receive the relaxing effects of Cannabidiol, it’s important to determine the correct dosage, particularly when you first try them.
In fact, beginners may find it best to ingest less rather than more, in order to determine your reaction. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the effects of edibles take a bit to kick in.
Edible Options
At CBD Genesis, we carry a variety of some of the most notable weed edibles on the market, from the highest quality brands.
Of all our products, though, gummies are typically the most popular choice among customers. These sweet and chewy treats are available in several different shapes and flavors, including froggies which (unsurprisingly) are shaped like adorable frogs.
If you’re looking for multiple weed edibles, our convenient gummy packs — which can contain up to 8 gummies per pack — are the ideal choice.
With that said, it’s important to read the dosage information on the product packaging to ensure you’re not consuming more than you need.
Choosing Edibles
When choosing CBD weed edibles you need to consider the concentration of Cannabidiol in each product.
For instance, our lollipops contain 30 mg each, while gummies may have 10 gm, 100 mg, or even 200 mg of CBD per gummy.
The dosage that you should consume depends on a number of factors, however, it’s best to start slowly to determine the full effect of the product.
Although weed edibles may come in many fun shapes and flavors, they are for adults only, and should never be used by young children.
Edible CBD products offer a convenient and easy way to get the benefits of this magnificent cannabinoid, and are perfect for those who prefer not to smoke.
These products are discreet and handy so you can take them along wherever you plan to go.
All of our gummies and other edibles contain the specific dosage of CBD that is optimal for your needs.
At CBD Genesis we offer a large selection of products, including weed edibles, that are safe and effective and come in high quality packaging. Visit our online shop today to browse our entire selection of CBD Genesis products.