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What is Cancer?

What is Cancer?
cancer-cells-growing-through-normal-tissueCancer is the name assigned to the group of similar illnesses identified by an unusual irregular germination of cells. There are over 100 distinct varieties of cancer which are caused by two visible factors such as viruses, smoking, and genetic factors such as being inherited from one’s parents. Millions of cells make the human body, indicating cancer can quickly start wherever.

Just like humans, the cells in our bodies become old or grow damaged which eventually die. Additional cells develop and split to form different ones that substitute the old and broken cells, but unfortunately, when cancer begins, the cells including the unusual and damaged ones remain despite them needing to die.


We are all different, and our bodies work in a variety of ways some body will split interminably and develop into blockading tissue forming new cancerous cells. When these new cells come into play, they don’t stop growing. Since these new cells do not stop developing, they tend to hide in immune systems and eventually form tumors.


These cancerous tumors spread into nearby tissues because they are infectious. Though these tumors can be removed, there is no guarantee that they will stay gone forever. There is always a possibility these tumors can come back. While these tumors develop, cancer cells break through the blood to form new tumors.

How Cancer Arises?

Cancer is a genetic disease—that is, alterations provoke it to genes that guide the way our cells operate, particularly how they grow and distribute.

Biogenetic shifts that affect cancer can be acquired through our parents. Cancer can occur throughout a person’s lifetime due to many reasons. For example one of them being the damage of DNA caused by specific environmental exposures. There are many reasons why cancer tends to surface, such as the chemicals in smoke, rays from the sun.

Everyone has their unique combination of genetic changes. While the cancer disease continues to develop, further changes will transpire. The tumors surrounding your body system will be considered the same but the cells will certainly have different genetic changes.


Typically cancer cells genetically evolve more often which results in genetic mutation, unlike normal DNA cells. Many of these mutations are due to the cancer’s presence.

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